September, 21 Meeting Minutes

Round Trade Lake Improvement Association, Inc.

Meeting Minute

September 21, 2013


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by President
Larry Ghimenti, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call of the officers
was taken: Larry Ghimenti, President, Rick Thill, Vice President, Laurie
Dezenzo, Secretary/Treasurer, Jack Lamont board member from Long Trade Lake,
Pete Kane board member from Round Lake, and Reid McFarlane board member from
Trade Lake were present.  Due  to the full meeting agenda the minutes from
August 17, 2013 and the treasurer’s report were not presented.

Old Business

Dave Blumer from SEH presented the goals and accomplishments
for 2013 Aquatic Plant Management. In brief the goals were:

Reduce CLP interference when treating EWM in Little Trade
& Long Trade

Treat 100% pre-mapped areas of EWM in Long Trade, Round &
Little Trade Lakes

Monitor EWM expansion in Big Trade

Dave went over the decisions affecting herbicide use.  The original plan of treatment is as

Long Trade – two treatments – CLP then EWM (9.31 acres each)

Round Lake – one treatment (15.74 acres)

Little Trade – two treatments – CLP then EWM (5.06 acres each)

What actually took place:

Long Trade – treatment 6/6/2013 – 9.31 acres CLP & 5.22
acres EWM – this was the only treatment

Round Lake – treatment 6/27/2013 – 15.74 EWM

Little Trade – treatment 6/6/2013 – 5.06  acres CLP & 2.13 acres EWM – this was
the only treatment

Post Treatment Survey results:

Long Trade – successful in knocking down CLP & got all
EWM.  There was one EWM plant in channel
and some floating fragments.  CLP still
present & starting to grow.  Plenty
of coontail & white water lily.
Water quality poor ( 1.5 ft secchi reading). Low native plant diversity.

Round Lake – Only one point with EWM and no CLP.  Native plants doing well.  EWM is concentrated on North Shore and will
be treated in 2014.

Little Trade – CLP & EWM still present in North bay near
river inlet. This area is anticipated to be treated in 2014.  12 different native plants identified.


SEH & ERS 2013 Total Project Fee $20,680. Expenses so
far $9905.72 ($4000 ERS).

2014 CLP & EWM Management Planning:

Long Trade: No EWM management; CLP management

Round: EWM management

Little Trade: Both EWM & CLP management

Big Trade:  Continued
monitoring for EWM expansion

All lakes: Purple Loosestrife Control and more water quality

Some re-establishment of native plants in Long Trade

Need nutrient survey

New Business

Rick Thill proposed an amendment to the Bylaws of the
Association to add term limits to the board members and officer positions of
the Association. This allows each board member and officer of the Association
to serve in each position for three 2 year terms, with the exception of the
Secretary/Treasurer which will be limited to two 3 year terms. Tom Wettergren
made a motion to vote on the proposed amendment. The motion was 2nd
by Reid McFarland.  There were 28 in
favor and 2 opposed.  Motion carried.

Pete Kane presented one nomination for Round Lake
boardmember, Robert Paleen.  There were
no other nominations. Robert Paleen was voted into the position.

Larry Ghimenti, President, expressed his thoughts on the
status of the association, prior to the vote.

For the position of president, Rick Thill made a motion to
nominate Larry Ghimenti which was 2nd by Reid McFarland.  Amy Klous made a motion to nominate Jason
Klous and it was 2nd by Jack LaMont.  A hand vote was taken by the members in attendance.  13 votes were cast for Larry & 15 votes
for Jason.  Jason Klous was elected the
as the new President.

Jack LaMont, boardmember Long Trade Lake, lead the idea
session of the meeting.  He spoke
briefly about the four lakes working together as one to stimulate membership
and volunteer activity.  The ideas
presented are as follows:

Fishing Contest to take place on all 4 lakes on the same
day.  Paid members only can
participate.  Prizes will be determined
and possible pot luck at end.  Gene
Novack volunteered to head the committee.
The committee will be made up of Rick Thill from  TradeLake,
Dan Anderson from Round Lake & Pete Kane from Round Lake.

Chili Cook off

Combined 4th  of
July Picnics

Phone List gathered by the Association to stimulate membership

Each lake to have a committee for various activities such as
nominating committee.

Reid McFarland made a motion to contact the DNR in regards
to a fish shocking survey.  Seconded by
Ramona LaMont.  Motion carried.  A motion to adjourn
was made by Rick Thill and 2nd by Reid McFarland.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted

Laurie M Dezenzo


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