June 15, 2013 Meeting Minutes



June 15, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by President, Larry Ghimenti, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll call of officers was taken: Larry Ghimenti, President; Rick Thill, Vice President; Laurie Dezenzo, Secretary/Treasurer; Jack Lamont, board member from Long Trade Lake & Pete Kane board member Round Lake were present.  Reid McFarlane board member from Trade Lake; was not present.  President’s greeting was given by Larry Ghimenti.
The meeting minutes from the May 18, 2013 were read by Laurie Dezenzo; Treasurer/Secretary. A motion was made by Rick Thill & 2nd by Rich Price to accept the minutes.  Motion carried. The Treasurers report was given showing a total net worth of $28,671.71 and a net income of $10,693.29.   Motion was made by Rick Thill & 2nd by Jack LaMont to accept the treasurer’s report as presented.  Motion carried.

Old business:

The newsletter was sent out to 128 emails and only 2 came back as undeliverable. Larry urged those in attendance that if you have an email to please provide it to help reduce the cost of mailings. The July picnics for each lake are as follows:
Trade Lake:
Saturday, July 6th, Boat parade at noon – picnic directly following
on the field by the Trade Lake landing on Pickerel Point Rd
Round Lake:

Thursday, July 4th, Boat parade at noon
Saturday, July 6th picnic at noon at Atlas Park
Long Trade Lake:

Saturday, July 6th  Boat parade at 2:00p
Saturday, July 20th,  Picnic at noon at Atlas Park


The spraying status of the lakes are as follows:

Jack LaMont, board member for Long Trade presented a map showing the areas that were sprayed for  CLP and EWM on June 6th.  The other areas that were not sprayed for CLP will be sprayed at a later date.  Jack expressed that what this process takes
is patience.  CLP kills immediately on contact whereas EWM goes to the root and takes longer.

Rick Thill stated that
Little Trade was sprayed for CLP in the areas identified on the maps provided by the surveys which are posted on the association’s website and for EWM where the river comes in along with the other identified areas.  They tried to hit the largest area.
Larry Ghimenti stated
that Round will be treated this year for EWM but later in the month. SEH and the DNR has suggested that the surveys should be completed on Long Trade and Little Trade prior to the treatment of Round.

No spraying will be done on Big Trade due to cost.  We need to monitor the CLP and EWM near the channel between Little & Big Trade.  If it is seen the members that live on Trade were instructed to pull it and then let a board member know.

Lake Association member, Don Peterson from Little Trade asked why it took so long to spray because the CLP was
already up thick in Little Trade.  It was explained by Larry Ghimenti that there were a number of items such as the
late ice melt and the delay in permits that impacted the start of the spraying.  The CLP was sprayed before the tureens
formed and the temperature of the lake got up to 60 degrees so the spraying should still have an impact on the CLP.


A Lake Association member from Long Trade lake asked what was causing the fish kill and if it had anything to do with the spraying.  Larry Ghimenti explained that due to the length of the winter, fish died off and when the ice melts they come to the surface.  There is also a bacterium called columnarus that can kill pan fish early in the spring as the water temperature rises.


It was mentioned that The Army Corps of Engineer have an ongoing project with the lakes throughout the state to keep track of how the spraying is working long term. Jack LaMont and Roger Christensen are taking water samples at 8 locations on Long Trade to monitor the dispersal of the chemicals used for CLP and EWM control.

New Business:

Greg McCormick from Trade Lake pointed out that there is a lot of debris such as branches under the bridge connecting Little &
Big Trade.  It was suggested that they contact Reid McFarlane to get some volunteers together to clean it out. There was a brief discussion regarding putting together the nominating committee for the open positions coming up; President, Round Lake board member   & Trade Lake board member.  No one in attendance at the meeting made any comment to the suggestion or would volunteer to participate on the committee.

A motion to adjourn was made by Roger Breault & 2nd by Pete Kane.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie M. Dezenzo, Secretary

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