Meeting Minutes May 18, 2013



May 18, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by President, Larry Ghimenti, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll call of officers was taken: Larry Ghimenti, President; Rick Thill, Vice President; Laurie Dezenzo, Secretary/Treasurer; Jack Lamont, board member from Long Trade Lake & Reid McFarlane board member Trade Lake were present.  Pete Kane board member from Round Lake; was not present.  The President’s greeting was given by Larry Ghimenti.
The meeting minutes from the September 15, 2012 were read by Laurie Dezenzo; Treasurer/Secretary. A motion was made by Reid McFarlane & 2nd by Rick Thill to accept the minutes.  Motion carried. The Treasurers report was given showing a total net worth of $29,107.76 and a net income of $11,129.34.   Motion was made by Rick Thill & 2nd by Tom Wettergren to accept the treasurer’s report as presented.  Motion carried.

Old business:

Larry Ghimenti gave a status of the upcoming spraying of Round, Long Trade & Little Trade Lake. A member from Long Trade reported seeing someone possibly spraying on Long Trade Lake.  After the meeting it was discovered that the pretreatment survey was completed by Matt Berg Friday May 17, 2013.  We are running approximately 1 month behind due to the late ice
melt.  Round will be sprayed for EWM.  Little Trade and Long Trade Lakes will be sprayed for CLP first and then EWM in late June.  The plans can be found on the association website.

The board members were asked their plans for getting volunteers.  Jack LaMont from Long Trade will maintain a high level of communication by email and developing core groups of 6-8 families and then have larger meetings to tighten up volunteer plans, then to have larger gatherings such as the annual July 4th picnic.

Reid McFarland board member from Trade Lake created an informational pamphlet containing the lake association’s  purpose and accomplishments and how to become involved.  He suggested that these can be made available at the landings as well as bringing them door to door to lake owners.

New Business:

The board members were asked to provide the date of their July 4th picnic to Laurie prior to the June Newsletter

While not present, it was suggested prior to the meeting by an email from Pete Kane, the election process start sooner than August.  He will not be able to continue as the Round Lake board member after his term ends in September 2013. He will
be actively pursuing a replacement. Positions up for election this September are President, Round Lake board member & Trade Lake board member.

Reid asked what the actual positions available were in the association.  President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer are the executive positions.  Then there are the board members for each lake who can in turn appoint a lake chairman.

A motion to adjourn was made by Reid McFarlane & 2nd by Jack LaMont.  Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Laurie M. Dezenzo, Secretary

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