Notice of Aquatic Plant Management on Round Lake in Burnett County

Northern Aquatic Services

1061 240th street

Dresser WI 54009

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Professional Aquatic Weed Control Services 3-21-2013

Dear Round-Trade Lake Riparian Property Owner,

The intent of this letter is to notify you that the Round-Trade Lake Improvement Association has hired Northern Aquatic Services, a herbicide application company for hire, to chemically treat the nuisance exotic aquatic vegetation (Eurasian watermilfoil and Curley leaf pondweed) in Little Trade, Long Trade, and Round Lakes this spring/summer. The Association is working with Matt Berg of Endangered Resource Services and Dave Blumer of S E H to survey the aquatic vegetation and delineate the presence of EWM and CLP. My treatment will largely be based upon their findings. The purpose of this letter is to notify property owner that a treatment may occur in front of or adjacent to your property. The herbicides I will use (DMA 4 and Aquathol K) are approved for aquatic use by the Environmental Protection Agency. Any water usage restrictions for the treated area will be posted on yellow signs in that area. The usage restrictions are for the area treated plus a 150-foot perimeter. The treatments will likely occur in mid-April to mid-May for CLP and mid-May or early June 2013 for EWM. If you have any questions you may contact Northern Aquatic Services at 715-755-3507, or the Wisconsin DNR’s Water Resources Management Specialist Jim Cahow at 715-537-5046. Chemical fact sheets are available upon request or at: Sincerely, Dale Dressel Northern Aquatic Services



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