About the Lake Improvement Association

The Lake Improvement Association is a non-profit, state incorporated, association comprised of Round Lake, Big and, Little Trade Lake. These lakes are located in both Burnett and Polk counties in Wisconsin. Our official name is the Round-Trade Lake Improvement Association, Inc., however, we refer to ourselves as the Lake Improvement Association.

The Lake Improvement Association was originally incorporated March 26, 1974, by residents of Round and Trade Lakes with its official offices located in the Township of Trade Lake.

We are a group of lake enthusiasts made up of lake shore owners and lake neighbors working to preserve the health of our waters for all to enjoy.  The group focuses on lake health by working with local lake management experts to identify invasive aquatic plants and develop a plan to treat them.  We promote clean water by encouraging shoreline restoration to prevent storm run off from reaching the lake.

The group has worked to secure DNR grants to assist in the cost of lake treatments but must also secure funding from yearly membership fees.


P.O. Box 64
Frederic, Wi 54837