May 21, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Round Trade Lake Improvement Association, Inc.

Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2016


  1. Call to order

The first 2016 regular meeting of the RTLIA called to order at 9:00 am by Jason Klous.


  1. Roll call

The following persons were present: Jason Klous, Vicki Breault, Tom Mayerhofer, Jack LaMont, Reid McFarland, Bill

  • Approval of Minutes

Bill Heimkes motioned to approve minutes from last meeting, Dave Klous second the motion. Motion approved

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Treasurers Report:
  3. For 2015 Total Revenues were $44,984 and made up as follows:   $40,473 in Grant Revenues, Lake Dues revenues of $4,280 and Miscellaneous Revenues of $231.
  4. Expenses for 2015 were $36,401 and were made up of:  LEAPS  $6,927, Endangered Resource Sevices $9,550, Northern Aquatic Services $17,346 and WDNR $530, D&O Insurance of $778, Picnic Expenses of $575 and Other Miscellaneous Expenses of $1,355.
  5. For 2015 Net Income was $8,585
  6. Information for 2016, year to date is as follows:
  7. Revenues of $4,670, all from Lake Dues received.  (already ahead of 2015)
  8. Expenses of $4,358 made up of LEAPS $3,009, WDNR Permits of $930 and Misc Admin of $419.
  9. Net Income year to date is $311.
  10. Our cash balance at the time of this meeting is $16,602
  11. Dues received year to date, by lake are as follows:

Big Trade Lake:    $1,380

Little Trade Lake   $760

Round Lake           $1,530

Long Trade Lake   $1,000

  1. Dues received as a percentage of the potential to be collected was:

Big Trade Lake       25%

Little Trade Lake     42%

Round Lake            49%

Long Trade Lake    35%

Note:  This percentage is skewed by the fact that many people contributed more than the “potential” of $40.  Perhaps a better measure of lake representations would be the percentage of participating contributors as compared to the total lakeshore residents.

6  The percentage of participation by lake would be:

Big Trade Lake         21%

Little Trade Lake       33%

Round Lake               35%

Long Trade Lake       29%

  1. President’s Report
    1. Physical removal day on July 23 on all four lakes
    2. Grants: Healthy Lakes Grant – opportunities to apply for next year. See the website for more information.
    3. Speakers at each meeting to educate us:
      1. June: Katelin Anderson
      2. July: no meeting because of physical removal
  • August: Pat Goggin


  1. Officer Reports
    1. Vicki (Vice President)
      1. Clean Boat Clean Water – spend time at landing talking and educating boaters. See Flyer for information.
      2. Record volunteer time. $12/hr per person towards grants. Hand your hours in in monthly to your lake chairperson.
  • Healthy Lakes – we were awarded 6 grants. Native plantings along the lake shore. $1000 grants per person applied. Ask Vicky or see website for more information to apply next year.
  1. Jack (Long Trade Lake)
    1. Stream Monitoring – for water quality and clarity. Analysis of what’s in the streams and Trade River watershed to see what’s going in the lakes.
    2. Large Scale Planning Grant –
  • 2016 Picnic – July 9 thinking about combining all the lakes picnics
  1. Lake Parade – Scheduled for July 2 at 1pm
  1. Bill (Round Lake)
    1. Lake update – It appears tht physical removal worked ok but need to keep it up.
    2. Going to make the rounds to get suggestions on how we can make the lake better.
  • Fish is good to eat according to the lake biologist
  1. Contact Bill with any questions or issues
  1. Reid (Big and Little Trade Lake)
    1. Picnic date – TBD
    2. No Updates


  • Dave Blummer Lake Treatment Update
    1. AIS Grant – Treatments weren’t as effective as we wanted them to be. We were awarded 2016-2017 grant we applied for $95,384.
      1. Needs $24,000 sponsor match ie. Volunteer hours, Donated Services, Boat and Equipment Use, Cash donations
      2. Big Trade has it’s own Early Detection and Response grant
  • Grant needs volunteer hours: Clean Water Clean Boats Native Plant introduction, Purple Loosetrife Beetle releasing, AIS education and monitoring, Plant Surveying, Physical removal, and more.
  1. These activities are all easy, fun and can involve your kids, friends, and neighbors. All should get involved. 564 volunteer hours needed. Report hours on the website or to your lake chairperson.
  1. Long Trade Lake – (CLP) Curly Leaf Pond Weed and (EWM) Eurasian Water Milfoil treatment reduced with management but returning. Treatment for CLP and EWM, introduce native plants, and herbicide. Concern is killing native plants when treating CLP and EWM. Native Plant introduction in 2-3 sites.
  2. Round Lake – EWM reduced with management and now plateauing and able to be well managed. Treatment: use a faster killing herbicide.
  3. Little Trade Lake – CLP and EWM since 2011 increased and needs to be well managed. Goal is to prevent it from going into Big Trade Lake. Treatment: difficult to manage due to thick plant growth. North Bay using fast acting herbicide and dye to see movement, and a cocktail approach in main body of the lake. We need to focus on this lake so it doesn’t spread into Big Trade Lake. Treating 10 acres.
  4. Big Trade Lake – EWM none until 2012 and is spreading but not very much. Need to manage so it doesn’t spread. Treatment: Physical removal and manage Little Trade to prevent it spreading into Big Trade.
  5. Treatments are now done last Thursday, May 18 on all 4 lakes.
  6. Need physical removal on all lakes to manage.

  • Public Comment
    1. Question was asked if drinking water is affected by lake herbicide treatment and no reports noted and the levels added to treat did not affect drinking water.
    2. Question was asked why we can’t determine that the treatment can’t be determined to be affective. There are many variables out of our control that can affect the results.


  1. Next Meeting

9 am on Saturday, June 25, 2016

  1. Adjournment

Roger Breault made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Second by Lynn Gallandat. Motion approved. Meeting adjourned at 10:15 am.


Minutes submitted by Amy Klous, Marketing Committee Chair

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