May 20, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Round Trade Lake Improvement Association, Inc.

Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2017


 I. Call to order

The first 2017 regular meeting of the RTLIA called to order at 9:01 am by Jason Klous.

II. Roll call

The following board members were present: Jason Klous, Tom Mayerhofer, and Reid McFarlane.

III. Treasurer’s Report

  1. 2016 Revenues short of $48,340
  2. 2016 Dues: $6780
  3. 2016 Expenses: $42,000
  4. So far this year $4800
  5. Reid motioned to accept the treasurer’s report, Niels seconded the motion.

IV. Elections for 2017

Up for election this year is President and Round Lake representative in September at the annual meeting.

V. 2017 Grants

a. AIS Grant

  1. See Dave Bloomer’s attached report for detail
  2. We don’t know if it’s been successful yet, we’ll see this year
  3. More work continued this year – more plans and information announced at June meeting
  4. $9500 in grant work to do this year

b. Rapid Response Grant

c. Large Scale Planning Grant for Long Trade (Jack LaMont updated)

  1. Monitoring 9 sites in Trade River Watershed to see what causes algae bloom
  2. June 23 at 3:30 critter testing at Roger Breault’s, please come help and we’ll get volunteer hours

d. Healthy Lakes Grant

  1. We got an extension from last year
  2. Looking to get another group to apply for 2018
  3. Due in Feb. 2018

e. Upcoming training events:

  1. June 14 Aquatic Invasive Species Training with free lunch at Polk County
  2. June 14 from 3:30-5:30 is an alum treatment at Cedar Lake in Polk County

 VI. President’s Report

a. July 15 Long Trade Lake picnic at Atlas park. Round Lake included.

b. July 1 Big Trade Lake picnic and boat parade. There have been complaints about balloons polluting the lake.  If you choose to participate please use biodegradable balloons. An idea was brought up to use Nerf guns as an alternative to balloons.


VII. Officer Reports

a. Reid McFarlane (Big Trade Lake)

  1. Drafted a letter from last year’s activity and gave to Trade Lake town clerk to figure out what percentage of revenues come from property owners. Lake shore owners pay 59.4% of the revenue of the township. They’ll vote in June to grant $2500 to help cleaning up the lakes.  The idea of a Lake District was brought up.


VIII. New Business

a. Member Dues help with the lake cleaning, picnics, insurance, etc. You can now pay online on our website.


IX. Adjournment

Reid McFarlane motioned to adjourn the meeting, Niels Pomeroy seconded the motion.  Motion approved. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 am.


Minutes submitted by Amy Klous, Marketing Committee Chair

2 thoughts on “May 20, 2017 Meeting Minutes

  1. Hi!

    I order to be prepared for the June 15 Trade Lake Town meeting for approval of $2500 for lakes support I need the following info.

    1. Who pays for picnic food & drink for Big Trade get together? Does this come out of dues?

    2. What is the detailed plan for Little trade Lake? Weed plan? No wake zone violations?

    Rich Hess Little Trade Lake

  2. Hi Rich, We don’t monitor the website for comments on a regular basis. With specific questions like this please reach out to your lake rep.

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