June 21, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Round Trade Lake Improvement Association, Inc.

Meeting Minute

June 21, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by President Jason Klous, followed be the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call of the officers was taken: Jason Klous, President, Rick Thill, Vice President, Laurie Dezenzo, Secretary/Treasurer, Jack Lamont board member from Long Trade Lake and Bob Paleen board member from Round Lake were present. Reid McFarlane board member from Trade Lake was absent. The meeting minutes from the May 17, 2014 meeting were read by Laurie Dezenzo, Secretary/Treasurer.  A motion was made by Rick Thill and seconded by Ramona LaMont to accept the minutes as read. Motion carried. The Treasurers report was given based on the January 1 2014 through June 21, 2014 time frame. The report showed a net income for the period of -$7509.13 and Total Assets of $$10,499.96. A motion was made by Jack LaMont and seconded by Rick Thill to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Motion carried. Laurie Dezenzo, Secretary/Treasurer noted that there were only 78 paid members out of 333 lake shore owners.  She also mentioned that she is in the process of preparing the documents for a grant reimbursement and requested to those in attendance to enter their volunteer time on the website as soon as possible.

Old Business

  • Beetle Farm: Jason Klous, President, asked Leon Moe how his beetle farm for Purple Loosestrife was doing.  Leon stated that it was going very well.
  • Rapid Response Grant Status:  Rick Thill stated that after discussion with the DNR it was suggested that the lake association applies for an increase in the current AIS grant.  There is a balance in the current grant for Trade Lake treatment.
  • Spraying Status: Rick Thill read the status for each lake from the 2014 CLP/EWM Treatment Notes for the Round-Trade Lakes System (LEAPS).  He briefly discussed the water diversion proposal for the inlet to Little Trade Lake which was to put in silting but the DNR will not allow it.  The permit to do anything to the outlet will cost $700.  Also mentioned was the bay on Little Trade may not be treated due to the water level , flow and limited access to the area.  The entire treatment notes will be posted on the website.

New Business

  • Physical removal of EWM:  Date to physically remove EWM on each lake was discussed.  Date was set for Saturday August 9, 2014.  All interested volunteers will meet at Round Lake for training and then split off to own lake.  Contacts will be listed in the next Newsletter.  Also need to determine a dump site for the EWM that is removed.
  • Volunteer Status: Lake Quality Monitoring:  Dave Blumer has met with lake quality monitors with the exception of Trade Lake
  • CBCW Volunteer Status: Jack LaMont and Bob Paleen stated they have volunteers that are interested in participating.  There was an individual from the county that was at Round Lake the prior weekend checking boats.
  • It was stated by Jason Klous, President, it is extremely important we get volunteers this year in order to make our financial requirements or we will be in finance trouble.
  • Jason Klous, President, went over the dates and times for the 4th of July celebrations.

An individual in attendance asked if there was a way to post a wake restriction with the high water level.  Rick Thill stated that they would have to contact the township.

A motion to adjourn was made by Rick Thill and seconded by Jack Buechsler. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted

Laurie M Dezenzo


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