Current Grants

Currently there are four State of Wisconsin Grants the RTLIA can use to obtain funding for lake improvement projects.  They are AIS Control, Rapid Response, Healthy Lakes and the Large Scale Planning Grant.  The grants are a 75%-25% split, which means the RTLIA is responsible for 25% of the cost.  We do have the option of offsetting our 25% by recording volunteer time via this website on the “Volunteer Hours” page.

Please review the tasks that can be applied as Volunteer Hours listed on this page under Volunteer Tasks below- many people are already performing these tasks and because they are not getting recorded are not being applied to the 25% required to obtain the grant dollars.

AIS Control Grant
The Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Grant allows Wisconsin to increase its support of local efforts to prevent the spread of invasive species. This grant requires Volunteer Hours of 25% and tasks that can be applied to this grant are listed on this page under Volunteer Tasks.

Read about this Grant on the Wisconsin’s DNR site here.

Rapid Response Grant
The Rapid Response Grant was obtained for Big Trade Lake and includes funding for the control of Eurasion watermilfoil(EWM) and Aquatic Invasive Species(AIS) removal.

Healthy Lakes Grant
The Healthy Lakes initiatives include easy, inexpensive ways to improve water quality and wildlife habitat.  Do you like Fish Sticks?  Not so much but with regards to lake habitat they provide feeding, breeding and nesting areas for all kinds of lake life.  Learn more about this grant by visiting the Grant site here.

Visit the 5 Steps to Funding page to get additional information on the importance of lakeshore property owner participation

Large Scale Planning Grant
This grant is mostly applied to Long Trade Lake and includes volunteer hours spent monitoring streams and bug collection with Polk County.


Volunteer Tasks
Volunteer hours can be recorded for the following tasks:

Management Implementation

  • Physical removal of invasive species *Native plants do NOT count for volunteer hours
  • Invasive species control with Consultant
  • Rearing of Galerucella beetles
  • Release Galerucella beetles

Lake Monitoring for Invasive Species

  • Purple Loosestrife Shoreline Survey
  • Giant Reed Grass Shoreline Survey
  • Japanese Knotweed shoreline Survey
  • Rusty Crayfish Survey
  • Zebra mussel fall dock inspection
  • Eurasian watermilfoil Survey WITH Consultant
  • Eurasian watermilfoil Survey WITHOUT Consultant
  • Curly-leaf Pondweed Survey WITH Consultant
  • Curly-leaf Pondweed WITHOUT Consultant
  • Curly-leaf Pondweed bed mapping WITH Consultant
  • Curly-leaf Pondweed bed mapping WITHOUT Consultant


  • Watercraft inspection at public landings
  • Entering watercraft inspection results into the SWIMS database
  • Repairs and/ or replacement of signage at public landings
  • Newsletter compilation/ distribution
  • Participation in Aquatic Invasive training/workshop
  • Participation in water quality training/ workshop
  • Participation in shoreland improvement training/ workshop
  • Volunteer outreach to other lake property owners (must be task/project specific)

Surface Water Quality Monitoring

  • Collection of Water Samples
  • Secchi Readings
  • Dissolved oxygen/ Temperature profiles
  • Data entry into the SWIMS database

Tributary Monitoring

  • Collection of Water Samples
  • Water Action Volunteer Sampling
  • Data entry into the SWIMS database
  • Mileage for tributary sampling

Shoreline Improvements

  • Development of lakeshore zoning standards
  • Conducting Shoreland Haitat Assessment WITH Consultant
  • Planning/ installation of Fishsticks Projects
  • Planning/ installation of Rain Gardens
  • Planning/ installation of Native Plant Buffer Strips
  • Planning/ installation of other Healthy Lakes Initiative projects

General Project Management

  • General record keeping
  • Review of survey reports
  • Management planning time
  • Review of management plans
  • Review of management results
  • Preparation for meetings *BOARD MEMBERS ONLY
  • Meeting Attendance *BOARD MEMBERS ONLY
  • Preparing grant reimbursement requests
  • Mileage from trips dedicated to lake volunteer work