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The grants we receive from the Wisconsin DNR are a 75% –25% split, which means the RTLIA is responsible for 25% of the cost.  We do have the option of offsetting our 25% by recording volunteer time via this website.

The RTLIA receives $12 per hour for time we spend performing specific tasks improving our lakes and these are tasks many of us are already performing!

Examples of your time that can be applied to our 25% cost are:

  • Eurasion Watermilfoil(EWM) or other Aquatic Invasive Specie(AIS) harvesting around lakeshore docks
  • Documenting and Reporting problems you see on the lake
  • Attending a class or forum sponsored by the DNR

Wondering if the work you do can be recorded as volunteer hours?  Check out the Grants and approved Volunteer Tasks on the “Current Grants” page or send us a list of the work you have completed and we will enter it for you.  Send your list or questions to rs.tradelakeassoc@gmail.com.

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2 thoughts on “Volunteer Hours

  1. What is allowed by the WDNR and/or Lake Improvement Association with regards to shoreline improvements? Example, adding rocks in conjunction with lining fabric to retain shoreline erosion.

  2. Hello James-
    You will want to check with the local WDNR zoning office or even Burnett County Land and Water Conservation Department. There are plenty of properties that have rip rap on their shoreline but a permit may be required. Also, the Round-Trade Lake Improvement Association has no authority over what you do with your property. Our goal is to combat the invasive species and prevent the run off of fertilizers into the lakes. The later is done by maintaining native plants between the water and owner maintained areas of the property to catch the fertilizers or ask folks to limit the use of fertilizers.

    Thank you for your inquiry and we appreciate your involvement in the RTLIA. If you have additional questions, please let me know.

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