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Meeting Schedule

2018 RTLIA Meeting dates are scheduled at the Trade Lake Town Hall on Saturdays at 9 a.m. on the following dates:

May 19
June 23
July 7  (Picnics*)
August 18
September 15 (Annual Meeting and Elections)

*Long Trade Picnic is TBD

September 19, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Round Trade Lake Improvement Association, Inc.

Meeting Minute

September 19, 2015


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by President Jason Klous, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call of the officers was taken by Laurie Dezenzo, Secretary/Treasurer. Jason Klous, President; Vicki Breault, Vice-President, Jack Lamont board member from Long Trade Lake, Reid McFarlane board member from Trade Lake and Bob Paleen board member Round Lake were in attendance. The meeting minutes from the August 15, 2015 meeting are posted on the association website so a motion was made to accept as posted by Rick Thill and 2nd by Pete Kane. Motion carried. The Treasurers report was given based on the January 1 2015 through September 19, 2015 time frame. The report showed a total income for the period of January 1, 2015 thru September 19, 2015 was $23,446.32; total expenses $29,328.00with a net income of -$5881.68 and Total Assets of $6,031.72. A motion was made by Rick Thill and 2nd by Pete Kane to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Motion carried.

New Business

  • President, Jason Klous, report:
    • Healthy Lake Grant:
      • A grant that is offered by the DNR this year
      • A page has been created on the website with a lot of information that explains technical information
      • As an organization we can apply for up to $25,000; $1000 per lake shore owner so you can have up to 25 properties.
      • State will pay up to 75% of project up to $1000. Owner has to pay 25% of project or $250 or matching volunteer hours. The DNR will reimburse up to $1000 but the owner has to pay 25%.
      • The owner has to sign a 10 year maintenance agreement with the lake association
      • Projects can be for 5 general areas:
        • Fish Sticks – woody planting in water in front of property. There are specifics on the website. In general; 50 feet and anchored to shoreline. There are some DNR requirements. Have to get a permit from the DNR because it is in the water. Cannot do it on its own. Have to do in conjunction with one of the other projects.
        • 350 square feet of lakeshore planting at water’s edge creating natural planting. Must be continuous so it must be a continuous 350 square feet installed at lakeshore.
        • If you have a driveway or road that is going down to the lake you can create a diversion by digging a small trench and fill with rock and a log to divert the water from running down the road or driveway.
        • Rock infiltration; gutters on house and the water runs down to the lake you can dig a trench and fill with rock to capture water to allow it to filter off rather than run off.
        • Rain garden to stop flow of water to lake.

In August Jason went to meeting at Polk County in which two lake districts that talked about their experience this year and last year with this grant and they suggested doing a small batch the first year to get the process figured out. What Jason would like to do is get 10 lake shore owners sampling all 4 lakes to do this for next year. The problem with the grant is it is a payout to get a payback. So, he is concerned about paying out $25,000 based on the current financials. It will be virtually impossible to do that. We may be able to work something out with the contractor to help us out. Doing a test the first year to get it figure out would be the best way to move forward. Need to apply for the grant by February 2016. If a landowner is interested they may need to pay the $1000 and be reimbursed by the association. If anyone is interested they can contact Jason. There is also a form that needs to be downloaded and completed. They are needed for the grant application to show we are interested. These projects need to not just be started but completed. So the landowner can assist the contractor as well. Discussion followed.

  • Rapid Reponse Grant
    • We still have approximately $20,000 for Big Trade Lake. It is a dollar amount to use up rather than a number of years.
    • We spent approximately $4000 this year but it will probably go up significantly
    • We will hit Big Trade hard with treatment in 2016 because more EWM was found after the treatment.
  • AIS Grant
    • We have about $10,000-$11,000 left in that grant
    • Will be asking DNR for extension to do smaller treatments on the other 3 lakes in 2016
    • Need to have everything in place for what we did as part of the grant to apply for more treatment
  • Looking to apply for other Rapid Response Grants for treatment on other lakes.
  • Plan on doing a membership drive for those interested in knocking on doors
  • Updating the website
  • Going to try to get some guest speakers for next year to talk about different topics; ie, someone to speak on lake district. Discussion followed regarding lake district
  • Officer Reports:
    • Vicki Breault:
      • Fund Raising – Raffle off of smaller items. Board would vote on items. Will do research of cost of printing tickets and selling them over the next 4-6 months and buying items. What to raffle off and when to do the raffle possibly in the Spring. Need to get a license. Discussion followed.
      • Stream monitoring
        • Final one this fall
        • Collect bugs at 9 sites next Saturday. Collect bugs from 8-9am and meet at 1 at the Breault’s pole barn to look at bugs.
        • Different bugs determines the quality of water and what coming into our lakes upstream
        • Going Trade River to Butternut approximately 27 miles
    • Jack Lamont:
      • Large Scale Planning Grant – We are coming along very well. Katlyn at Polk County came up with a budget and it looks like our share of that budget will be about $21,000. It was made very clear that we don’t want to put any cash into this grant that we would want to put into volunteer hours. She was very confident that it could be covered by volunteer hours and what wasn’t covered by volunteer hours would be paid by Polk County Parks and Recreation. They take over the administration of the grant.
      • Volunteer hours will be required by each individual grant. Each activity will go by each grant specifically. You can’t double dip.
    • Bob Paleen – Nothing to report
    • Reid McFarland
      • He broke up Big Trade property owners by roads – approximately 155 lake shore owners. He has folders for the specific road and flyers to hand out.
  • Dave Blumer Repor – LEAPS
    • Going into 2015
      • Long Trade Lake:
        • 2014 – almost no EWM except in channel
        • CLP treated
        • EWM physical removal
        • Reintroduce native plants
      • Round Lake:
        • 2014 treatment not as effective
        • EWM in lake
        • Chemical treatment
      • Little Trade Lake:
        • 2014 couldn’t treat due to high waters. CLP & EWM was bad
        • 2015 treatment planned & completed
      • Big Trade Lake:
        • 2014 EWM left the channel and went into other areas
        • Herbicide use to treat
        • Continue to monitor
        • Physical removal
      • We treated as follows:
        • Long Trade Lake – 5/5/2015 3.78 acres of CLP – 9 beds & physical removal – not much EWM
        • Round Lake – 5/27/2015 4.08 acres of EWM and physical removal
        • Little Trade Lake – 5/5/2015 6.52 acres CLP/EWM in bay and 6 beds
        • Big Trade Lake – 5/5/2015 1.42 acres CLP/EWM 11 small areas
      • Results
        • Long Trade Lake – Pre/post survey (CLP)
          • Levels were down in May
          • After treatment was moderately down
          • EWM – not specifically targeted but chemicals from CLP should kill
          • However more EWM plants emerged
        • Round Lake – Pre/post survey
          • Targeted EWM only
          • Treatment beds were knocked down
          • Didn’t treat outlet
        • Little Trade Lake – Pre/post survey
          • Treatment was specifically for CLP at high concentrations to help knock down EWM
          • Inlet has changed and comes right into the bay. Makes it harder to treat
          • Significantly knocked down CLP
          • EWM a little less
        • Big Trade Lake – Pre/post survey
          • Not treated specifically but knocked down a little of the CLP
          • EWM wasn’t much at the time of the treatment
          • EWM has actually increased
          • Discussion followed regarding getting people involved
        • Fall surveys are not completed. Hopefully Matt will get out in the next couple of weeks.
      • Going into 2016
        • Long Trade Lake has more EWM – will need management
        • No Native plants were not introduced into Long Trade
        • Trade Lake has more EWM
        • Round and Little Trade will probably be the same going into 2016
        • Round Lake outlet needs to be looked at
        • Physical removal is an important part of managing EWM
          • Prolongs herbicide treatment
          • Do a couple of times a year
    • 2016 Preliminary Management Plan
      • Long Trade Lake (Restoration Phase)
        • Combine Treatment for CLP & EWM
        • Physical Removal
        • Not specifically targeting CLP
        • Faster acting herbicide in channel
      • Round Lake (Maintenance Phase)
        • Similar to 2015 using a little higher concentration
        • Physical treatment
        • Purple Loosestrife
      • Little Trade Lake (Catchup Phase)
        • Consider engineering plan to evaluate inlet
        • Faster acting contact herbicide
        • Implement combined chemical treatment for CLP & EWM
        • Physical removal
      • Big Trade Lake (Aggressive Management Phase)
        • Chemically treat area with combined CLP & EWM treatment with high concentration
        • Physical removal
    • Implementation
      • Funds remaining from AIS grant – get extension
      • Big Trade Lake Rapid Response Grant
      • Apply for additional grants
        • 1yr AIS Control Grant
        • Early detection
        • 2yr AIS Educational Grant
        • Lake Management Planning Grant
      • RTLIA Fund Raising
      • Look into forming Lake District
  • Nominations lead by vice-president Vicki Breault
    • Jason Klous was nominated by Amy Klous for the position of President. Vicki Breault asked 3 times if there were any other nominations for President. There were no other nominations. Jason was unanimously elected for a 2nd 2 year term as President.
    • Tom Mayerhofer was nominated by Roger Breault for the position of Secretary/Treasurer. Vicki asked 3 times if there were any other nominations for Secretary/Treasurer. There were no other nominations. Tom Mayerhofer was unanimously elected for his 1st 3 year term as Secretary/Treasurer.
    • Bill Petrowski was nominated by Bob Paleen for the position of Round Lake Board Member. Vicki asked 3 times if there were any other nominations for Round Lake Board Member. There were no other nominations. Bill Petrowski was unanimously elected for his 1st 2 year term as Round Lake Board Member.

Motion was made by Roger Breault to adjourn. Rick Thill 2nd motion. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted.

Laurie M. Dezenzo


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